[SATLUG] Request discussion of the automatic updating of a distro

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Dec 16 21:36:39 CST 2007

Sean Carolan wrote:
>> I would be thrilled if you experienced users would discuss how to
>> appraise the constant flow of updates. What your feelings are about this
>> feature and how you use it.
> As long as you don't have any kernel modules that are compiled just
> for a specific kernel, you should be fine just letting Ubuntu's
> automatic updater do it's thing.  I have VMWare compiled for my
> current running kernel, so this needs to be re-done each time I update
> the kernel. 

Thanks Sean
Am I correct in assuming that an update to the kernal would only occur 
with an upgrade? For instance if I accept the offered 7.10 but would not 
happen just from the security and bug fixes?
>  I think I have a couple of other programs like Cisco's
> VPN client, but no deal killers.  I run Ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop and
> enjoy that the updater generally
> "just works".

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