[SATLUG] Request discussion of the automatic updating of a distro

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Sun Dec 16 21:42:27 CST 2007

herb cee wrote:
> Sean Carolan wrote:
>> As long as you don't have any kernel modules that are compiled just
>> for a specific kernel, you should be fine just letting Ubuntu's
>> automatic updater do it's thing.  I have VMWare compiled for my
>> current running kernel, so this needs to be re-done each time I update
>> the kernel. 
> Thanks Sean
> Am I correct in assuming that an update to the kernal would only occur
> with an upgrade? For instance if I accept the offered 7.10 but would not
> happen just from the security and bug fixes?

You will occasionally get a kernel update in the lifetime of a release.
There are security issues that arise from features and drivers within
the kernel and when those are identified, the fixes are backported to
the release version of the kernel. It's the same as any other package
really. I've never had a problem with any Ubuntu updates. The transition
from Dapper to Edgy had a couple of hiccups, but from Edgy to Gutsy, I
had no problems at all. I've never had problems stemming from standard

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