[SATLUG] Request discussion of the automatic updating of a distro

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Dec 17 18:00:39 CST 2007

Robert Pearson wrote:
>> I have all five choices checked in the Software Sources dialog and I did
>> put one site http://apt.wicd.net feisty extras under third party
>> software when I was trying to get the problem chip NIC card to work.
>> Would this place me in this category of mixed repositories?
> I'm not really qualified to answer the mixed repositories question fully.
> You are probably fine if it installed with no gripes. Not sure what
> will happen with a kernel upgrade.
> My problems came with Red Hat, and third party software, and then with
> SuSE and third party software.
> Third party software seems to be less of a problem if you download
> source and compile locally. Way over my head.

I also do not understand the process of compiling. I attempted to 
compile a driver for that bootleg NIC card but never could tell really 
what I was doing and the new card came and Ubuntu installed it without a 
fuss so I just quit trying. I do recognize the importance of 
understanding this and it's on my list, lol damn long list.

> Once I went with openSUSE those problems went away. I was frustrated
> with the openSUSE slow updates for Firefox.
> Then, right on this list, Al Castanoli had a problem and John Pappas
> in his reply shared the URL to the openSUSE Firefox updates.
> There is a world of information on this list. Thanks Al and John for sharing.
> Thanks for the info, herb. I had never looked at Software Sources. Handy.
> "Source code" is not checked in mine.

I don't know why mine is checked, dunno if I did that or if Ubuntu did.

> I have the source "http://packages.medibuntu.org/ free non-free" added
> on my machine.
> Most of the installation HowTo's and GoBy's recommended "MediBuntu"
> for third party packages.
> The main installation reference I use is
> "http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index". Very handy.
> I did a lot of Googling for "install Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy" and examining the hits.
> What did you do for an iptables firewall?

Robert, I don't recall doing anything. I do not yet understand iptables 
and not even sure if I am operating a firewall

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