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Wed Dec 19 15:40:25 CST 2007

For CPU tests I usually find one of this distributed computing
programs that supports benchmarking such as distributed.net. There is
an option to do a benchmark and it will tell you how many keys/sec it
can calculate. However, this is not very accurate, but it gives a
general idea.


On Dec 19, 2007 11:37 AM, Brad Knowles <brad at shub-internet.org> wrote:
> On 12/19/07, Alex Bartonek wrote:
> >                                                Yea I
> >  know the new one is alot faster..but I just want to
> >  know by how much.   Anyone recommend any benchmark
> >  software out there?
> Your standard applications + stopwatch + you
> Seriously, the best benchmark you can create is to run your standard
> application mix.
> It doesn't help you if you have multiple cores on multiple CPUs and
> each core is multi-threaded (e.g., Sun's Niagara or AMD's Barcelona),
> if you do a lot of floating point and each CPU has only one FP unit.
> Likewise, spending a lot of silicon on having multiple FP units for
> each and every core on each and every CPU doesn't help you a lot, if
> you don't use floating point very much.
> Then there's the whole issue of whether or not you want a single
> ultra-fast single-threaded CPU versus large numbers of slower cores.
> The former will work better for you if your critical application(s)
> is/are single-threaded only, while the latter will work well for you
> if you're in a more multi-processing oriented environment.
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