[SATLUG] Some serious help needed...

Ed etillman93 at peoplepc.com
Thu Dec 20 09:21:56 CST 2007

Hi folks...

Got a real interesting problem, and looking for some help, please?

I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 on an Acer laptop with an AMD 3400+ CPU 
(1.74GHz) and 1GB RAM.

Yesterday, I received a rather large set of updates, which took over 2 
hours to download and install, and required a reboot upon completion. 
Apparently, I now have *3* complete kernels (-generic, -rt and -386).  
Generic and 386 were fine.  What's -rt?

Real problem:  Since the "updates," all my X-Window shells are gone. No 
title or status bars. I can't move, resize or minimize any open windows 
or consoles, and need to use the menu "Quit" function to terminate them. 
And, within an application (e.g. Firefox), forms don't respond to the 
keyboard -- e.g.: I can't type a URL/address in the address bar, or even 
do a Google search. Everything else seems to work, after a fashion, 
except for the gnome splash screen, which stays on after a boot, and 
needs to be clicked off.   I'm cornfuzed...

Has anyone seen this before?  Any ideas how to fix it?



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