[SATLUG] Some serious help needed...

Ed etillman93 at peoplepc.com
Thu Dec 20 10:59:35 CST 2007

Matthew Hunter wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 09:21:56AM -0600, Ed <etillman93 at peoplepc.com> wrote:
>> Real problem:  Since the "updates," all my X-Window shells are gone. No 
>> title or status bars. I can't move, resize or minimize any open windows 
>> or consoles, and need to use the menu "Quit" function to terminate them. 
>> And, within an application (e.g. Firefox), forms don't respond to the 
>> keyboard -- e.g.: I can't type a URL/address in the address bar, or even 
>> do a Google search. Everything else seems to work, after a fashion, 
>> except for the gnome splash screen, which stays on after a boot, and 
>> needs to be clicked off.   I'm cornfuzed...
>> Has anyone seen this before?  Any ideas how to fix it?
> Sounds like your window manager isn't running (or is running and 
> crashing).  Hard to say beyond that without more information, but 
> I'd run some status checks on your package manager to see if you 
> have packages in broken states.  You can probably get some 
> functionality back by using a different window manager 
> temporarily while you work on the problem.  FVWM is a good 
> minimal option, another good option is icewm.  
> My GNOME here defaults to using metacity, and that may be the 
> package that's broken on your system.  Trying to run that and 
> seeing what it says may be a good first debugging step.
Thanks! That was my problem. I'd removed metacity in an attempt to 
clear-out compiz from my syatem. I re-installed it, and wa-la! All my 
window functions came back. Thanks again!



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