[SATLUG] Remote VMware server console slow

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Fri Dec 21 00:19:30 CST 2007

Samuel Leon wrote:
> I have been using vmware server under linux for some time now.  I have
> always loaded the virtual os's locally on the server.  Just today I
> decided to try out the remote capabilities of it since after all it is
> vmware "server".  I installed the vmware server client package on a
> remote computer.  I can connect to the server and load an OS with it but
> the OS will run horribly slow, both windows and linux guests.  The OS
> with the vmware server client package is debian and the remote host is
> ubuntu 7.10.  I am not sure if this is normal or what.  I am doing this
> connection over the internet and have not tried on the local lan yet but
> the bandwidth usage of all this does not seem to be more than my
> internet connection can handle.  The resources usage on both the local
> and remote computers are fine.  So is this not what the "vmware server
> client" package is for or is this normal?  I saw a few other people on
> google complaining of the same thing.

I've not used it over a high latency link, but on every LAN I've used it
on, it's been very fast. I think latency is the issue here, not your
systems. For your Windows guests, you could look into using RDP. For
graphical environments from your Linux guests, you should check out freenx.


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