[SATLUG] searching for a hexvalue with vi

Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Fri Dec 21 07:11:10 CST 2007

Borries Demeler wrote:
>>I was thinking, maybe he can send you the excel file.  You could use
>>Openoffice to open it and save it in any format you want.
> I have done that, but strangely, even when I save as "Text CSV (.csv)"
> the resulting file contains binary characters. I think it is a bug in 
> OpenOffice (using ver. 2.2). I'm glad I have 3-4 workarounds now :-)
> -b.

As I recall, the MS Office 2007 may be saving any one of the 256 ASCII 
characters in a .csv file.

If OpenOffice is duplicating MS Office 2007, then it might very well be saving 
some characters as binary characters.

For over 5 years I have been porting spreadsheet files between MS Excel and 
several of the Linux/OPenSource spreadsheets.  I have found that KSpread works 
well with Excel files.  Text files always seem to transfer much better than .csv 
files...but again KSpread does handle .csv files better than some of the other 
OpenSource spreadsheets.

Of course the above may depend on that is actually in your spreadsheet.  Mine 
don't have a lot of interlinking cells which maybe cause a problem for other users.


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