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Fri Dec 21 08:38:51 CST 2007

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>Has anyone had experience with purchases from Geeks.com?
>I have seen the same products sold here locally (San
>Antonio) and at the PC Show for 2 to 3 times what
>Geeks.com is selling the item for.  Of course you do
>postage so buying a $5 item by from Geeks.com may
>cost as much as the local item.  But if you are buying 
>several items, and stay under the minimum postal 
>weight limit, then you should do Ok.
I used to buy from them, their prices are around the 
same as buying new items (sometimes more) from E-tailers,
however, with E-tailers (like NewEgg and others) you
have a warranty. With Geeks, unless it's DOA you're on
your own. Further, their shipping charges are high.  

For computer accessories and cables I buy from 
www.bestbyteinc.com in Katy, TX. Recently bought several 
USB & HD IDE 80 Flat cables, and w/shipping and tax, 
saved significantly $ compared to Altex, and didn't have 
to drive 22 miles one way.


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