[SATLUG] Need scripting assistance

Luis Garza luis at luisgarza.com
Sat Dec 22 08:22:41 CST 2007

John is correct.
You can select the email column, copy and paste directly into thunderbird.

The problem: 
1) You will get every bounced email in your mail box.  You will then
have to hunt them down in your spreadsheet and delete them.
2) The mail recipient has no way to "unsubscribe" to your mailing list.

I believe that Brad has provided you with the solution.

You can use a list server like mailman.  It allows to your customers to
subscribe and unsubscribe to you list.  Plus you can copy and paste all
those email address straight into the list via the admin page.    You
can manage mailman to only let you send out emails and hide your
recipients email addresses.

Mailman is easy to setup and manage. 

Luis Garza

John Choate wrote:
> If the email addresses are lined up in the spreadsheet in one column, you can 
> simply select the used cells in that column, copy and then paste into a text 
> file. I just tried this by copying with open office and pasted in gedit, 
> kwrite and kedit and it worked like a charm in all 3 editors.
> John
> On Friday 21 December 2007 22:56:11 Brian Lewis wrote:
>>> Scenario:
>>> A large (perhaps a 500MB) spreadsheet full of contacts. The info
>>> contains an account number, first name, last name, email address.
>>> How would I go about extracting every email address from the
>>> spreadsheet into a text file, on their own line ie.
>>> johndoe at foo.com
>>> janedoe at foo.com
>>> bob at foo.com
>>> etc etc
>>> Is this even possible?
>>> Even better,
>>> johndoe at foo.com; janedoe at foo.com; bob at foo.com
>>> In increments of about 200.
>>> Before anyone else asks, this is not for spam.. I would like to
>>> contact all the customers in our system, and unfortunately, all the
>>> data is in an excel spreadsheet :/ I don't really want to cp+p every
>>> single address (well over 100,000) into emails. I would happily copy
>>> and paste blocks of 200 :)
>>> Any advice would help!
>>> Thanks gang,
>>> Brian
>>> Not sent from my iphone, this one was sent using PINE (best email
>>> client EVER)

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