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riugakusei at netscape.net riugakusei at netscape.net
Sun Dec 23 05:22:15 CST 2007

i go kismet installed and configured but its not displaying any network information at all on the console;
this is my source config:
?and this is the kismet outtput before it goes into the console:

vega at mimor:~/LimeWire> sudo kismet
root's password:
Server options:? none
Client options:? none
Starting server...
Waiting for server to start before starting UI...
Suid priv-dropping disabled.? This may not be secure.
No specific sources given to be enabled, all will be enabled.
Enabling channel hopping.
Enabling channel splitting.
Source 0 (madwifi): Enabling monitor mode for madwifi_g source interface wifi0 channel 6...
NOTICE:? Created Madwifi-NG RFMON VAP kis0
WARNING: wifi0 appears to be using Madwifi-NG.? Some versions of the Madwifi-NG drivers have problems in monitor mode, especially if non-monitor VAPs are active.? If you experience problems, be sure to try the latest versions of Madwifi-NG and remove other VAPs
Source 0 (madwifi): Opening madwifi_g source interface kis0...
Allowing clients to fetch WEP keys.
WARNING:? Disabling GPS logging.
Logging networks to Kismet-Dec-23-2007-1.network
Logging networks in CSV format to Kismet-Dec-23-2007-1.csv
Logging networks in XML format to Kismet-Dec-23-2007-1.xml
Logging cryptographically weak packets to Kismet-Dec-23-2007-1.weak
Logging cisco product information to Kismet-Dec-23-2007-1.cisco
Logging data to Kismet-Dec-23-2007-1.dump
Writing data files to disk every 300 seconds.
Mangling encrypted and fuzzy data packets.
Tracking probe responses and associating probe networks.
Reading AP manufacturer data and defaults from /etc/ap_manuf
Reading client manufacturer data and defaults from /etc/client_manuf
Using network-classifier based data encryption detection
Dump file format: wiretap (local code) dump
Crypt file format: airsnort (weak packet) dump
Kismet 2007.01.R1 (Kismet)
Logging data networks CSV XML weak cisco
Listening on port 2501.
Allowing connections from
Registering builtin client/server protocols...
Registering requested alerts...
Registering builtin timer events...
Gathering packets...
Starting UI...
Looking for startup info from localhost:2501.... found.
Connected to Kismet server 2007.01.R1 on localhost:2501
Reading AP manufacturer data and defaults from /etc/ap_manuf
Reading client manufacturer data and defaults from /etc/client_manuf
Killing server...

.? /* why is it telling me all these */

Didn't detect any networks, unlinking network list
Didn't detect any networks, unlinking CSV network list.
Didn't detect any networks, unlinking XML network list.
Didn't detect any Cisco Discovery Packets, unlinking cisco dump
Didn't capture any packets, unlinking dump file
Didn't see any weak encryption packets, unlinking weak file
Kismet exiting.
Kismet exited.
whats these files for: /etc/ap_manuf file
?????????????????? /etc/client_manuf
?thanks in advanced!

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