[SATLUG] SuSE 10.3

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 25 17:34:56 CST 2007

I've been using 10.0 for a while now and I liked it
quite a bit but upgraded to 10.3.  

I finally got the new system together dual booting XP
and 10.3 (primary os).  I'm impressed to say the
least.  Adding repositories is a snap (community
repositories).  Burning mp3's was a pain in the butt
with 10.0, I had to install a certain package, it had
dependencies here and there and I still couldnt get it
right (missing another dependency).  With 10.3 and the
community repositories it made it a snap to get back
to where I was at (mplayer, k3b + mp3 burning,
audacity, etc)..  

One difference which took a little bit to get used to
was the new menuing system.  When you first click on
the "main menu" an abbreviated menu pops up with
frequently used apps, documents and "places" you've
used/perused.  In each of those 3 you have a "more
applications", a "more documents" etc.  If you click
on the "more applications (documents etc)" buttons it
basically opens a huge window with "categories" to the
left and the what is in each category to the right. 
There arent any huge drop-down type menus which are
commonly seen in previous versions and other distros. 
Looks clean.

A neat feature I liked also is the ability to create
"shortcuts" to ftp, ssh, and other networkable drives
kinda like in Windows (ooohh aaaahhh).  Overall I
think the interface looks better also.  Mayhaps this
was in 10.0 but I never noticed.

Overall I give it an A+.


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