[SATLUG] A question for Mac users...

Sean Carolan scarolan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 10:36:05 CST 2007

>     I just bought a new iMac for my significant other for Christmas.
> Naturally, I get to use it too. :)   I got the 24"  2.8 gHz model with
> Leopard.  I know that most PCs don't come with an office suite on them, and
> the Mac only came with trial versions of two.  I tried out TextEdit, and it
> suits me fine, but my girlfriend wants something more robust.  I downloaded
> open office for Mac, but it sucks compared to the Linux and PC variants.
> You can tell that it needs polish, etc.  Are there any open source office
> suites, or stand alone apps that accomplish the same, that you would
> recommend?  I absolutely will not buy office, and I may consider paying for
> iWork if there is not a suitable alternative.

Google Docs?  Or maybe NeoOffice?


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