[SATLUG] strange grub action on X64x2 MB

gboswell gboswell at cis.sac.accd.edu
Thu Dec 27 09:42:09 CST 2007

Anyone have a problem with grub on a x64x2 MB? I upgraded from a amd 
2200/MB to a Amd 4400/ 64x2 MB with mostly same hardware installed.

I have 4 ide drives (2 DVD/RW) and two ide (40g, 250g).  I have grub  
in  hd0  (really  /dev/hda  but  when  I rescue  FC7/ or FC8 (64bit)  
it  says it is /dev/sda) . Linux is in the hd1,4 at 155MB location on 
hdb.  Now the error  grub gives is  18  which leads me to believe  that 
the  boot  drives  (for linux and grub.conf) are out of range for the 
bios. Problem is on the AMD2200/i386 MB the same drives and partitions 
worked great.

The problem surfaced when I installed/upgraded FC8 64Bit to replace the 
FC7. The only diff is the orginal FC7 was LogVol default where as I 
wanted to custom the partion sizes to /boot 100M swap 2000M /40000M and 
/home 44000M with the new MB.

(In truth I never  booted  the old system with the  new MB  but went 
directly  to installing/upgrade  FC8 64Bit  in the  old Linux  partition 
area, I know  violation of rule #one, only change one thing at a time)

What am I missing?

Thanks Boz 

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