[SATLUG] RepRap 3D printing proposed meeting in Katy Texas on Sunday December 30 (football, pizza, Linux)

Stephen Gutknecht (RoundSparrow) Stephen at RoundSparrow.com
Thu Dec 27 16:58:47 CST 2007

Hi, just joined the mailing list.  My name is Stephen Gutknecht, I use
Linux for business and personal and am actively working to build an
open source RepRap 3D printer (extrude 3D objects with plastic and
other materials).

So far, I haven't found anyone else in San Antonio building a RepRap,
but I there are at least a couple of people in Houston.  So I'm
proposing a get together this Sunday, brining my RepRap stuff with me.

I know Katy is kind of far, but I'm driving all the way from Canyon
Lake... and can carpool some others if you want to meet/park

Anyway, I just spent 10 days in Brooklyn hanging out with Zach of the
RepRap project and am pretty close to having my RepRap Darwin
assembled and working.

This is an entirely open source 3D plastic printer.  Info:

Discussion and details on the proposed meeting are posted on this thread:

Meeting is NOT YET FINAL, but the more people who agree to the
time/date the better.  Both Houston and Dallas play football on
Sunday, and we are meeting at a pizza place. I'm buying Pizza.

  Stephen Gutknecht
  Canyon Lake, TX

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