[SATLUG] Ubuntu x86 vs x86_64 Performance

adam at quo.com adam at quo.com
Fri Feb 2 01:55:24 CST 2007

I'm currently running Ubuntu x86_64 on this machine, and have been for
about a year now. In that time, I've noticed that it does seem slow
compared to some of the other systems I work on... Many of them have
inferior hardware, but are running some 32bit linux distro (mostly
Fedora or Debian). A lot of the comparative slowness I see is related to
graphics stuff (AIGLX / Beryl, Games), so I think you might be on to
something. Most 32bit installs just seem snappier, not to mention there
are still a few packages that aren't available in 64bit flavor yet...

As a note, since I've been running Ubuntu for so long, I've gone through
several upgrades. I believe my original install was Breezy, so I've
dist-upgraded from that to Dapper and then to Edgy. I seriously doubt
that helped my performance any... This system is getting really crufty. :(


> I am amazed at what I have recently found. I wish I had hard numbers on
> this,
> but Ubuntu performs remarkably better as x86 than x86_64. Same system,
> same
> specs and everything is better. Memory utilization for the same
> applications is
> incredibly lower. The Nvidia drivers render smoother AIGLX graphics.
> VMWare runs
> smoother. I really feel silly for using x86_64 for at least six months
> now.
> The servers that I'm running x86_64 Ubuntu on seem to be doing just fine,
> so I
> wonder if it isn't something to do with something in the graphical side
> that is
> a problem. Has anyone else seen similar results? Thoughts or speculations?
> Regards,
> Daniel
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