[SATLUG] Seeking robot immunity in my feedback form

Donguitar donguitar at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 20:57:58 CST 2007

Before I relocated my site to a new host I was getting several
robot-generated posts to my CGI feedback form each week.  I haven't tried to
restore the form on the new host because this seemed like the appropriate
time to switch to something with a little more robot immunity.  I've done
some research, with google, but, given access to so many wiser heads (via
this superlative list) failing to ask seemed an abuse of resources.  I wish
to make it as easy as possible for my site visitors to leave feedback while
making it as difficult as possible for the robots to obtain information or
access the form.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions and/or links you'd care to pass on.

Don Crowder

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