[SATLUG] Training for spam - spamassassin

Thomas King kingttx at tomslinux.homelinux.org
Sat Feb 3 08:26:55 CST 2007

> well, i don't have one for cyrus, but if your interested i have one for
> scalix...
> On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 11:25 -0600, Thomas King wrote:
>> Does anyone have a cron job to train spamassassin using sa-learn where you are
>> also using Cyrus? How do you handle multiple users? Do you point it to each
>> user's Junk directory? Do you point cron to a script instead?
>> Thanks!
>> Tom King

That'd be fine. I know sa-learn does work on an entire directory, but the cyrus
directories have other files in each email folder directory (for lack of better
terms), such as index files in each. I don't know if sa-learn will ignore all
non-email files.


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