[SATLUG] Newbe help Wanted for Help

Herb herbc at txcyber.com
Wed Feb 7 19:30:50 CST 2007

Hello all, I joined this list when I was waiting for a FC-6 disto. Got 
it and I am thrilled. I tried 3 times in the past 10 yrs to learn how to 
use Linux in the casual manner I have become accustomed to going from 
DOS 6.2 to Win 3.1.... I am still using Win-ME as I learn to use 
Fedora-Linux. I bought a new 82Gig HD used my older P-III 1.1mz, 256mem 
for the box. I have already noodled around in the Gnone GUI.

I now have the network Hub running between the Lin-box and Win-box. I 
have some sort of problem with the brand new Lucent 56K dialup PCI 
modem. I am reading about the Win-Lin-modem issue so I will learn about 
that. I have what i think is a non-Win-modem,-3-com/US Robo Modem, so I 
may try it after i understand the issue. I went to the archives and am 
reading back mail. it is helpful and I am glad to be here.

The bothersome and only other issue that I am aware of is when I try to 
run help from where I am it reports error: ... "launching the default 
command application associated with this location".  So I need to know 
how to fix this in order to use Help specific to a problem I hope.

I am ok with command line but do not yet understand the structure used 
in the Linux string. I do build my own boxes but do not consider myself 
a tech, nor am i a programmer, I am a retired artist. I intend to desigh 
art objects for the Virtual world (2L) and hope to use Gimp and Open 
Office to replace Corel Office and PhotoShop.  I have already set up a 
user account and transferred all my working document /graphic files over 
to the Lin-box. I know how to open other terminal windows to switch to 
root and back to user so I really on the way to 'happy camper'. In spite 
of the baying of the blood hounds I believe I have made my escape from 

Thanks Herb

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