[SATLUG] How do you take a dump?

Luis Garza luis at luisgarza.com
Thu Feb 8 01:29:43 CST 2007

I personally like cpio for backups.

Please remember, that your backup is only is as good as your ability to

Now know that being said, for cpio backups and restores:

cd /directory
find . | cpio -ocvB > /dev/tape

To restore:

cd /directory
cpio -icvdumB < /dev/tape

cpio copy out options:
-o : copy out
-c : SVR4 (compatibility)
-v : verbose
-B : blocking size 5120

cpio restore options
-i : copy in
-c : SVR4 (compatibility)
-v : verbose
-d : make directories
-u : unconditional
-m : preserve modification time
-B : blocking size 5120

To do incremental backups, do the first level backup as follows:
cd /filesystem
find . | cpio -ocvB > /dev/tape 2> /var/log/backup

Incremental use:
cp /var/log/backup /var/log/backup.`date %F`
cd /filesystem
find . -newer /var/log/backup | cpio -ocvB > /dev/tape 2> /var/log/backup


Using dump and restore is very good at doing incremental backups and
restores. But it can be a bit tricky.

To backup:
dump -0uvf /dev/tape /filesystem

-0 : 0 level backup (full backup)
-u : updates /etc/dumpdates file (very important when restoring filesystems)
-v : verbose
-f : write backup to file (/dev/tape)

/filesystem(s) : /directories to be dumped

Dump backups up relative to the filesystem's root directory.

So to restore you MUST be in the root mount point directory of the

cd /filesystem
restore -rvf /dev/tape

-r : restore
-v : verbose
-f : dump file

If you want to restore a specific file or to verify the backup, please let
me know.

twistedpickles wrote:
> Yes I'm talking about backups. In the past all my backups have been
> manually to CD or DVD. Now I'm interested in something that can be
> automated and incrementally backed up to an external HD.
> I've been reading and reading. The more traditional utilities appear
> to be dump and tar. Recently I have stumbled across rsync.
> How do you backup info to HD's?
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