[SATLUG] uh, kinda afraid to ask :-) (mail server a/ptr record question)

Eli eli at then7.com
Sun Feb 11 20:49:21 CST 2007

I being the sysadmin with very broad, but not deep skills, have always 
assumed that it's best that forward and reverse lookups match when it 
comes to a mail server.

So if my mail server says:

ehlo idx.idxwebservices.com

I expect someone to be able to:

dig idx.idxwebservices.com

and get:

and then if they do a:

dig -x

they get:


To me this seems like the ehlo, the forward and backward lookup all agree.

I get a lot of mail servers that connect to my server that don't do 
that...not even sure if it's a requirement or a good idea. I think I 
read it somewhere that they should agree.

err..so what do other people do?


p.s. does anyone have an intellitosh os x 10.4.7 disk, or running 
system?  i'm running 10.4.8, and need an older kext.  (IONetworkFamily.kext)



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