[SATLUG] Mail help

Art Sexton asexton at swbell.net
Sat Feb 17 10:11:53 CST 2007

A little more searching and I found this...hope it helps:

Art Sexton

robert c wrote:
> All,
> At the location where I work, we routinely deal with an organization 
> that provides MS Outlook to their users.  The majority of these users 
> have Outlook configured correctly but there is about 2% of the users 
> that don't. We recently switched our mail system to Zimbra 
> (www.zimbra.com) and it doesn't like messages sent by those 2%.  We 
> receive winmail.dat files instead of a "real" message.  Does anyone 
> have any automated scripts to convert winmail.dat to a real message?  
> I was thinking of setting up a "convert at foo.bar" address and having 
> people forward their problem e-mail there.  Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Robert

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