[SATLUG] problem w/ flash

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Sun Feb 18 08:41:47 CST 2007

Borries Demeler wrote:
> Bruce,
> I downloaded your 7.0 flash version. It worked fine. I noticed that it
> was just a single file, unlike the 9.0 install which comes with a file
> called "flashplayer.xpt". So I did the experiment and used the 9.0 version
> library file by itself, without the flashplayer.xpt file. And that worked
> - partially. Not all functionality of flash 9.0 is available, but at least
> firefox and mozilla are no longer crashing now, and everything that 7.0 
> could do works now as well, plus some sites requiring > 7.0 also work. 
> So the problem clearly is related to this flashplayer.xpt file. 
> Does anyone have any insights what the purpose of this file is?
> -Borries
Isn't that the actual extension file for the browser?  If I am right 
about that it may be that this was corrupted in some way and that was 
causing the problems.

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