[SATLUG] Linux pkg dependency... what is it actually

Eli Cantu eli at then7.com
Sun Feb 18 23:18:10 CST 2007

On Sun, February 18, 2007 9:24 am, Emon said:
> Hi again everyone :-)
> A friend of mine asked me why Linux distros have dependency issues but
> M$-Windows doesn't??
> I was pretty dumb-struck by the question cos I never actually gave it
> much thought.... so can any one please help me out

linux development cycle is different. lots of little bits are
incrementally updated more frequently.

linux software relies less on statically compiled in libraries.

linux dependencies hit the newbies hard.  add a couple of years of
experience and apt-get/yum and pretty much dependencies are like
breathing, yes it's important, but no you don't spend much time thinking
about it. I know I don't.

windows depencies are like this:

step 1  take 3 year old computer and try and run 8 year old software, it

step 2  update to latest windows and latest service pack and latest
antivirus, and latest directx and latest video drivers, research some
hacks to make your 8 year old software run on this.

step 3  hooray, your software runs, but it runs slower then dirt.

step 4  you get rootkitted.  techs cost too much.

step 5  order new dell. cheaper then a tech, and comes with vista. hooray!

step 6  try and run 8 year old program on vista. it completely fails. you
force install directx5 from your 8 year old program's install cd in
desperation to satisfy dependencie, your computer doesn't boot.

step 7 call expensive technician to come and reload vista for you.

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