[SATLUG] VMWare & CPU question

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Fri Feb 23 22:24:32 CST 2007

Brinkley Harrell wrote:
> Ya know -- you really ought to learn about VMware by using it. What you
> said is incorrect. VMware virtualizes the CPU exactly as it appears.

Wow...that was a little harsh.

I verified that we were both wrong in our initial statements. I started up the
Ubuntu Desktop LiveCD in a VMWare Server virtual machine and did a 'cat
/proc/cpuinfo' and got identical response exempt for CPU speed as the host OS.
All of the extensions were good.

My apologies. I was going on the assumption that it handled the processor much
like it does most other hardware (video, audio, SCSI devices). For example, I've
been able to get a the tape drive portion of a Dell tape jukebox to show up in a
VMWare VM, but not the tape changer.

> I have a T7400 Core2Duo processor and OSX runs just fine in a VMware
> window and sees two processors as well as all of the advanced CPU features.

Depending on the version/licensing, you can enable as many CPUs as are in your
system. The free VMWare server supports up to two. I am excited to get our blade
servers in later this year with VMWare Infrastructure Server to see what a
chassis with 20 processors looks like.

How did you install OSX in the virtual machine? You can reply off list if you
want since it's not related to linux.

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