[SATLUG] VMWare & CPU question

tom weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Feb 24 01:06:43 CST 2007

On Friday 23 February 2007 10:11, K. Spoon wrote:
> On top of that, I've found that if you're using Xen, you really need to
> get everything out of the dom0 (the host OS instance).  It's not like
> VMWare where you can run virtual machines inside of a busy
> workstation... if you use Xen, you need to punt the workstation over to
> a domU as well.

Here here.. Your DomU instances will suck the life and usability out of your 
Dom0 (hypervisor interfaced) OS like a carb starved fattie imbibing the creme 
filling from a Twinkie(TM). 


> VMWare seems to be much better suited to the "I need an instance of
> Winders to run Outlook" type of situation.

Yeah.. either that or CorssOver Office (even lighter).


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