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Herb herbc at txcyber.com
Mon Feb 26 11:10:43 CST 2007

Sean Carolan wrote:
>> Gee Greg, I just spent time looking and sifting on eBay bought a V-90
>> external hardware type for $9.56 inc ship so waiting for it to arrive.
>> Wish I had known.
> Herb, don't feel bad.  You can use that external modem with any
> computer, and all you have to do is plug it into the serial port.
> Much easier than installing a PCI card, IMHO.

I have been trying to figure out what to do to install this External 
Modem I bought.
I have installed it removing the internal Win-modem and hoped it would 
install on bootup (FC-6). It did change the Gnome desk by adding a 
dialer Icon (I think), however nothing happens when I click the icon so 
something else has to be done.
I tried to run upgrade from the distro CD-1and it got all messed up so 
since nothing was on the machine anyway I just did a complete reinstall. 
I watched the bootup and only fail that I saw was the eth0 that was 
working before but I did not have the Win box running so that may have 
been the reason.

Ok here is my dilemma.  most of the time when I find a command  the 
instructions does not tell me where I need to be  when I need to call 
for a terminal window to enter the command. I am perplexed and I have 
read hundreds of pages but nothing is clear to me so I have wound up 
sadly muddled.

I think that I have to use yum but without the ability to go on line for 
the yum update I just am lost.

I have FC-6 Gnome running fine and I can navigate around but most of the 
files I look at I have no idea what does what. I really think I can 
learn. I just am failing to dig out clear directions on how to install a 
driver when my total experience is with Windows control panel. Is there 
a similar device for Gnome?
Thanks guys
 Here are the data spec sheet for the modem.

V1456VQE-R1 Specs Sheet

Dynalink VoiceDesk56 Pro Data/Fax/Voice external Serial Modem

Minimum system requirements:

      All versions of Windows; DOS; Linux (full hardware modem)
    * 286 Processor
    * 4MB RAM
    * 16650 UART / COM Port
    * CD-ROM drive for driver and fax software installation

General Description

    * Data/Fax/Voice/Speakerphone external modem.
    * V.90 & K56flex dual mode with automatic fallback.
    * Supports V.80 video ready modem.
    * Supports distinctive ring and caller ID.
    * EIA-232C serial interface.
    * V.42 error correction (LAPM and MNP).
    * V.42bis and MNP class 5 data compression.
    * Operating system support: Windows 3.1 and above, DOS, Linux.
    * TIA/EIA 578 Class 1 and Class 2 fax.
    * 14400bps send and receive fax modem with automatic fallback.
    * Group 3 send and receive facsimile.
    * Extended AT command set.
    * Voice mode allows a DTE to record and playback voice.
    * Full-duplex speakerphone.
    * Telephone answering machine functions.
    * Power Supply 12 Volts AC 1 Amp.


Data Mode V.90, K56flex, V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis, V.23, V.22, Bell 
212A, Bell 103.

Fax Mode

V.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21 Ch 2.


    * Full duplex or half duplex in data mode.
    * Half duplex in fax mode.
    * Asynchronous operation.
    * Auto dial/answer.
    * Manual originate/answer.

Asynchronous Data Format
Data Length
Stop Bits
Character Length

Dial Type: Tone dialing

Call Progress Monitors: Dial tone, Busy tone

Voice Mode:

    * Enhanced ADPCM compression/decompression.
    * Tone detection/generation and call discrimination.
    * Concurrent DTMF detection.

Flow control: XOFF/XON or RTS/CTS

Error correction: MNP 2-4 and ITU V42

Data compression: MNP 5 and ITU V42bis

Telephone line interface: One RJ-11 jack

DTE interface: EIA-232C serial.

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