[SATLUG] OT(?sorta) Linksys WCG200 - DHCP wrong (or bad) address with routing and NAT turned on

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 16:39:59 CDT 2008

Jennie Haywood wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 12:02 AM, ed <horned0wl93 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>  >
>>  Ok.  the WCG200 may have a different default gateway address than my
>>  WTR54GS.  Private NAT addresses aren't exactly as constrained as
>>  public/corporate NATing. If it defaults to xxx.xxx.0.1, ya might wanna
>>  let it be, unless you'd care to establish your own network parameters.
>>> How I found the address was by turning OFF the routing and
>>  > NATing on my Linksys and letting *their* DHCP set the  info on a
>>  > windoze box and looking at it with ipconfig /all.
>>  >
>>  Cute.  Then one of my earlier suggestions may apply: you might have had
> I thought so. :)
> I didn't check to see if it was working this morning.  I had to leave for Austin.   You know this is actually for my Dad.  I bought the Linksys WCG200 because it only one box forhim to keep up with.
Hmm...  I never asked asked whether the WCG200 was wired or
wireless...   My WTR54GS does both wired and wireless routing, and I
have it doing both.
> Grande's tech support would have had him tossing the hardware out and going with theirs.  Which is what the first tech kept telling me "the whole problem is since you bought your own we can't do anything to check it".
Sheesh...  And I thought TWC was bad, but even they will help you with
your own equipment.  They even site web links to go for both Linux and
wireless assistance...

I'm off to teach school now.  Please let me know how it runs today, if
you get the opportunity.


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