[SATLUG] Best POP3 server?

Mike Nerone mike at nerone.org
Tue Apr 1 19:50:07 CDT 2008

If you're an admin type, I love Cyrus IMAP server (which fully supports 
POP3, as well). The catch is that it doesn't use a standard mbox or 
maildir storage format, so you can't use some old-school mail tools to 
read it (such as the venerable mailx) - you *have* to access your mail 
via IMAP or POP3. For my purposes, that's fine though, and Cyrus is 
highly efficient and high-performance, and gives you other features such 
as Sieve, which is a server-side filtering mechanism. It wouldn't work 
out of the box with a standard MTA configuration, since standard 
configurations almost always use mbox or maildir, so you do have to 
configure your MTA a bit (it's not difficult - the MTA can deliver to 
cyrus via standard LMTP, which is directly supported by all modern MTAs).


David Salisbury wrote:
> What POP3 server would people on the list recommend to replace gnu-pop3d?  I've been using gnu-pop3d forever, and it now seems that many services / clients require "UIDL" capability on the POP3 server level, and gnu-pop3d apparently doesn't support it.  I'm just wondering what any/everyone would recommend as a good, similarly-solid replacement?  Or is there a trusted place that has a UIDL-capable version?  This seems like it might be promising..
> http://www.jth.net/virtual.html
> Anyway, if anyone has any insight, that would be great!
> David

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