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Did you already buy the P3 units?  If not, I would not buy one for a
firewall/DHCP, just one for the web server you're talking about.  The
linksys firmware is more than capable of handling 99% of firewall/DHCP
needs, and if you need something slightly beyond that, then just flash the
firmware with DDWRT/HYPRWRT and you'll get a lot more.  I say this from
personal experience.  After constantly battling heat in my apartment (when I
lived in San Antonio) due to 10+ machines running on a home-brew rack, I
went ahead and bought a nice linksys WRT-54GL and flashed it with DD-WRT.
To this day (several years later) it works like a charm.  As an aside, I
also ditched the mail and web servers and just use Gmail and a GoDaddy
hosting account, but that's totally my choice and not what you may be
wanting to do.  I found that paying 50 bucks for the router, $0 for email,
and about $72 per year for hosting is tons cheaper than running 10 boxes
(electricity and maintenance) not to mention that it is a better choice for
the environment.  This lets me sleep better at night knowing that I did
something to help our favorite birds in tuxedos keep their habitat.  The
linksys should work fine with mixed static and dynamic IPs.  I setup a
friend's network on the default linksys firmware with his printers and main
boxes in the .1.2-.1.10 range and doled out .1.11-.1.200 for anything that
connects otherwise (laptops, 360, PS3, Wii, etc.)  I don't know why it would
give you issue with the static IPs since it doesn't control that range, it
simply routes requests to the appropriate IPs.  If you want to run a web
server, I recommend using Ubuntu server with the basic LAMP build.  You can
elaborate on that if you need to later, but it's pretty robust and secure
out of the gate.  Just remember to test everything afterward and do a
property security assessment on the box (especially if you DMZ it vs.
forwarding port 80 to it.)  I've been pretty lucky with Ubuntu locking
everything down except for the necessary ports, but things can always


On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 6:25 AM, Jeremy Mann <jeremymann at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 7:43 AM, Justin Burdette
> <justin.burdette at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I finally decided it was time to upgrade my home network. I'm adding in
> >  wifi, and I'm also buying a couple of small form factor Dell units (P3)
> to
> >  run as firewall, web server, DHCP, etc...
> >
> >  I'm trying to figure out what distro would be the best for these
> >  applications. What I'd prefer is something that I can log into from my
> main
> >  PC (using OpenSUSE 10.3, probably through rdesktop or something like
> it) as
> >  these machines won't have a monitor/keyboard/mouse attached. I'd like
> to be
> >  able to run a basic GUI...no need for GNOME or KDE, but will probably
> go
> >  with Fluxbox.
> Its about time for another flame war ;) No seriously, you'll get all
> kinds of responses as to what distro to run. All of them are equally
> good. Personally, I run Slack 12 on my home server for years. Its what
> I call Linux in one of the pure forms. I also tried Gentoo for awhile
> but the box was always compiling something to keep up to date. Ubuntu
> is good, but I've never run in server form, so I can't comment on
> that. Here at work we run three clusters with 113 CPUs on CentOS 4.3.
> >  My next question, which I shouldn't even have to ask, but I haven't
> done
> >  mixed networks in so long that I've forgotten how. What I would like to
> do
> >  is run all of my wired units with static IP addresses and have DHCP
> assign
> >  addresses for wifi connections and wired machines that I'm working on
> for
> >  customers. The Linksys I have doesn't seem to like static IPs when its
> >  is enabled...it was set to assign in the range and I
> >  couldn't do anything with my static IP of Is there an
> easy way
> >  to set this up on a Linux DHCP server?
> If you're using the Linksys just for wireless, then I would disable
> everything I could on it and let your server serve out DHCP requests.
> Its not hard, if Geoff's around he did the same. I think what he did
> was to not use the WAN input, but connect one of the Linksys switch
> ports to his existing switch.
> >  Last question...I presume the firewall box should do strictly that, no
> >  Apache, FTP server, etc...correct? A P3 system with enough RAM and swap
> >  should be able to handle the other services, yes?
> Depends on what you want your electric bill to be ;) I'm in favor of
> an all in one server. I have a P3 666mhz with 512MB and it runs
> Apache, DHCP, XBMC, MySQL, Samba and World Community Grid. I have
> never had to reboot it and it runs very well.
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