[SATLUG] Home network

Justin Burdette justin.burdette at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 17:44:22 CDT 2008

I decided to play around with the Linksys (it's a BEFSX41) after upgrading
the firmware...it's now running DHCP for the 1.150-1.200 range and my main
computer's static IP is just fine. Maybe it was operator error?

As for the firewall/server issue, I like what I see with smoothwall. I'll
probably go ahead and set up the P3 box for that and just continue to run
Apache and FTP off of my big machine...it's a dual-core Athlon64, so it's
not like I'm stressing it, and I'm the only one who accesses it remotely. I
keep programs and drivers that I might need for customers saved so that I
can easily access them without having to search all over everywhere. It's
nice to be able to get it all in one place!

I haven't purchased the P3 units yet, but I've got a bid on 4 of them
entered at crapsells.us, and I've got a good friend who wants at least one
to run as a firewall. Might sell the other 2 or hang on to them for later
expansion of my network.

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