[SATLUG] Home network

Luis Garza luis at luisgarza.com
Fri Apr 4 01:53:38 CDT 2008

Justin Burdette wrote:
> I'm going to put the PC between my router and cable modem...from what I'm
> reading on smoothwall, it looks like I can have the kind of control I want
> that way. The Linksys software never impressed me much.
> Justin

I don't have a linksys router but I believe must should be able to setup 
a dmz, port forwarding or a virtual server.

Question:  Does your linksys allow for DDNS?  Does it allow you to log 
into zoneedit or dyndns and update the domain with the dynamic ip?

If it does, then you really don't need to P3 except to maybe setup 
transport bridge as demonstrated at the Open Source (www.h00d.org) .

If you are going to use the P3, you may want to check out Thom Weeks 
XCSSA SOHO presentation.

I have setup a SOHO because I like the control and I have commercial 
electric rates.  Remember the P3 probably at least a 300 Watt power supply.
300W X 24Hrs X 30Days / 1000 = the number of KiloWatts used for the 
month.  Multiply that by the $/KW and you get an idea of how much it 
will cost you to run that server for one month.
It may be considerably cheaper to host your site some place.
If you want to filter your traffic to your site, like with IPTABLES, the 
you can rent a cheap virtual server.

Again, I setup a SOHO at home because I have the most control, the 
version of OS that I want, and I pay commercial electric.  If I had to 
pay regular CPS prices, then I would be renting a virtual server.


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