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Don Wright wmail at wricomp.com
Mon Apr 7 10:40:29 CDT 2008

On Mon, 7 Apr 2008 00:20:56 -0500, "Christopher Lovejoy"
<christopher.l.lovejoy at gmail.com> wrote:

> ... what I'd like to figure out how to do, is remove Backtrack and
>load another Linux build.
>The question I have is how would I best go about this?

First a brief comment and I'll try to avoid cheerleading or flaming,
then the specifics of your question. 

Some things to consider when selecting a distro:
 * supports for your mission-critical apps
 * live CD to check hardware compatibility
 * support resources (forum, paid techs, O'Reilly books, etc.)
 * ease of applying security updates
 * long-term stability of project
 * any other "how will I" questions you can think of

Now the easy question. Every distro with an install procedure should
automatically set up either GRUB or LILO with your new dual-boot
information. It's a common and well-tested procedure. Generally, you
tell the installer to use the existing Linux partitions. In Debian you
select manual partitioning and then, for each of the existing Linux
partitions, specify reformatting with the filesystem of your choice. The
quick install docs for the distro should cover this step or point you to
detailed info. 

Linux boot loaders almost always support more than two operating
systems. You can (if disk space is available) open up room for a third
or fourth distro and boot whichever one you want. If you have the room
and the memory this may be done with virtual systems instead, letting
you jump between distros at will.  --Don

Enterprise software fault, warp core dumped.

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