[SATLUG] missing plugin

Mike Nerone mike at nerone.org
Mon Apr 7 13:19:59 CDT 2008

ed wrote:
> Jeremy Mann wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 11:13 AM, Borries Demeler
>> <demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu> wrote:
>> http://aisvid.uthscsa.edu/mediasite/Viewer/Viewers/Viewer240TL.aspx?mode=Default&peid=59b3ec27-2463-4225-853a-a53a4bcccbcd&pid=1c97c262-b184-4373-804e-108766908ba4&playerType=WM64Lite#
>>>  What what kind of player is  WM64Lite? Something like Windows Media something?  
>> Its MediaSite powered. They combine streaming video and a way to view
>> the presentation all on one page. On the Mac, Safari completely locked
>> up when viewing the page. Firefox loads it fine but it does use
>> Windows Player for the video and something else for the presentation.
>> It looks like Mac and Windows only.
> I plays on my Ubuntu laptop using Firefox and Mozilla-Mplayer plug in...
> Cheers;
> Ed

Plays on my Gentoo box in Firefox using VLC's plugin, as well. VLC does 
have win32codec support, so it may be using that.

Mike Nerone

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