[SATLUG] missing plugin

Mike Nerone mike at nerone.org
Tue Apr 8 13:10:09 CDT 2008

Don Crowder wrote:
> Borries Demeler wrote:
>>> Try VLC and its browser plug-in.   Works for me.
>> Thanks for the tip! How do you get the browser plugin installed? I 
>> only found
>> one slackware package for vlc, does that include the plugin?
> Borries, I'm sorry,l I don't know.  I use Debian Etch and it's listed 
> in the repository as "mozilla-plugin-vlc".  Of course I use synaptic 
> so I just marked it for install.  I expect knowing the name may help 
> you, if it happens to be the same.
On Gentoo, the plugin is enabled just by turning on the "nsplugin" USE 
flag for the build. You can see if your package includes it by checking 
if it has files named "libvlcplugin.*" (they should be in your browser 
plugin directory, usually /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins. E.g. on Gentoo:

    $ qlist vlc | grep libvlcplugin

If you don't see similar files, then the vlc plugin is not present.

Mike Nerone

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