[SATLUG] email archiving

Leif Johnson leif at paisd.net
Thu Apr 10 10:23:36 CDT 2008

I keep seeing offers to sell us email archiving software with implications 
that we are obligated to archive all of our emails. Does anyone know if 
public schools are obligated to save all emails under FRCP (Federal Rules 
on Civil Procedure) or are they blowing smoke?

- Automatically capture and store all inbound,outbound and internal email
- Simple web-based interface for search, restore and administrative functions
- Increase productivity by automating mailbox management
- Meet stringent regulatory compliance obligations / requirements for email retention and access
- Satisfies FRCP legislation (Federal Rules on Civil Procedure) introduced in December 2006
- Protect organizational records and ensure easy access for legal discovery
- Real-time auditing & long-term retention
- Lower the cost and time for system administration for message recovery

And more importantly is there an open source solution for this if 

Leif Johnson

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