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Disclaimer: I'm just a consultant for Network Security, not a Lawyer

Although I'm not entirely familiar with FRCP, below is an article addressing
this question. I recall from the two Law classes that I took that email
archiving was a big issue with the court. If you are required by some
governance to archive all records, by definition of law an email is a form
of record, even the ones where you pass jokes along (think sexual harassment
suite). We did some case law studies, one company was archiving but caught
wind that a request for archives was coming and destroyed everything, then
another company wasn't archiving and it messed up the entire case, and the
company got in trouble.


Disclaimer: I'm just a consultant for Network Security, not a Lawyer

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 10:23 AM, Leif Johnson <leif at paisd.net> wrote:

> I keep seeing offers to sell us email archiving software with implications
> that we are obligated to archive all of our emails. Does anyone know if
> public schools are obligated to save all emails under FRCP (Federal Rules on
> Civil Procedure) or are they blowing smoke?
> - Automatically capture and store all inbound,outbound and internal email
> - Simple web-based interface for search, restore and administrative
> functions
> - Increase productivity by automating mailbox management
> - Meet stringent regulatory compliance obligations / requirements for
> email retention and access
> - Satisfies FRCP legislation (Federal Rules on Civil Procedure) introduced
> in December 2006
> - Protect organizational records and ensure easy access for legal
> discovery
> - Real-time auditing & long-term retention
> - Lower the cost and time for system administration for message recovery
> And more importantly is there an open source solution for this if
> required?
> Sincerely,
> Leif Johnson
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