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Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 09:50:15 CDT 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
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> Would anyone be interested in me creating a phpBB3 web forum for
> SATLUG? I do have a properly configured and working web forum here. I
> could add a section entirely for SATLUG or create another.
> http://chris1.redirectme.net/phpBB though if I were to get lots of
> traffic, I would need more bandwidth than my Fiber Optics FIOS
> connection out here in Bulverde. Right now I am running Fedora 8
> x86_64 3 partitions in Raid 1, / /home and swap. I have a good reason
> for putting swap in Raid 1. That's explained on tldp.org. Putting swap
> in Raid 0 is a bad idea. Instead give swap partitions the same
> priority. I have a LAMP setup including MySQL. If people like this
> idea, and I get more traffic, then I believe it should be put on the
> SATLUG server, and I could manage it again with a user account on the
> server. Who is interested?

I am but then I'm not a "for real" SATLUG member.  I'm an aging newbie 
out here in the sticks and there wouldn't be a great deal I could 
contribute to the forum though I'd try to participate.  There are some 
very astute minds on this list but I think it'd have more credibility if 
it were hosted on the SATLUG website.  Would it be worth the effort?  I 
can't say.  There are a lot of forums out there already and it seems to 
me that the generic forums aren't as popular.  For my own part, when I'm 
doing research on a given task I always begin with the Debian forums 
because I expect to find more specific answers there.  If SATLUG had 
their own distro, which I'm thinking would best be called Serape Linux 
(or maybe Sombrero Linux but not Sombrero Rojo), then a forum would make 
more sense.

Anyway, Chris, you just want to show off the cool forum you made and I 
don't blame you.  It's very cool but, unless you can figure out how to 
persuade somebody to participate it's about as useful as a five story 
parking garage in a cow pasture.  That's got to hurt your feelings, so I 
registered (I'm in your corner dood).  How come the only language choice 
was British English?
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