[SATLUG] new idea

Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 12:26:02 CDT 2008

herb cee wrote:
> Don Crowder wrote:
>> Chris Lemire wrote:
>>> Hash: SHA1
>>> Would anyone be interested in me creating a phpBB3 web forum for
>>> SATLUG? I do have a properly configured and working web forum here. I
>>> could add a section entirely for SATLUG or create another.
>>> http://chris1.redirectme.net/phpBB though if I were to get lots of
>>> traffic, I would need more bandwidth than my Fiber Optics FIOS
>>> connection out here in Bulverde. Right now I am running Fedora 8
>>> x86_64 3 partitions in Raid 1, / /home and swap. I have a good reason
>>> for putting swap in Raid 1. That's explained on tldp.org. Putting swap
>>> in Raid 0 is a bad idea. Instead give swap partitions the same
>>> priority. I have a LAMP setup including MySQL. If people like this
>>> idea, and I get more traffic, then I believe it should be put on the
>>> SATLUG server, and I could manage it again with a user account on the
>>> server. Who is interested?
>> I am but then I'm not a "for real" SATLUG member.  I'm an aging newbie 
>> out here in the sticks and there wouldn't be a great deal I could 
>> contribute to the forum though I'd try to participate.  There are some 
>> very astute minds on this list but I think it'd have more credibility 
>> if it were hosted on the SATLUG website.  Would it be worth the 
>> effort?  I can't say.  There are a lot of forums out there already and 
>> it seems to me that the generic forums aren't as popular.  For my own 
>> part, when I'm doing research on a given task I always begin with the 
>> Debian forums because I expect to find more specific answers there.  
>> If SATLUG had their own distro, which I'm thinking would best be 
>> called Serape Linux (or maybe Sombrero Linux but not Sombrero Rojo), 
>> then a forum would make more sense.
>> Anyway, Chris, you just want to show off the cool forum you made and I 
>> don't blame you.  It's very cool but, unless you can figure out how to 
>> persuade somebody to participate it's about as useful as a five story 
>> parking garage in a cow pasture.  That's got to hurt your feelings, so 
>> I registered (I'm in your corner dood).  How come the only language 
>> choice was British English?
> I am interested also Chris but ditto Don's disclaimer, even older 
> (please treat me gentle) ... really in the sticks Bedias (7mi) is the 
> closest tiny town, I have the Cow Pasture to build that parking garage 
> in. No neighbor within sight but one older couple does live 1/4mi away 
> on same county road #136.
> I have to agree with Don that this may work - may not, I don't always 
> agree with him tho so you have at least 2 divergent but friendly 
> personalities registered. I think using a structure like you have will 
> be great for myself since I sometimes just cannot follow the geek 
> language nor how to use the fix given.  I know you campaigned for a 
> Satlug Forum but encountered an uninterested 'board'. Kudos to you for 
> putting your forum where your voice is. I sure hope it serves as useful.
> I have a question to pose in the newbee section that I have tried to get 
> my own head wrapped around and I think can be answered to prepare a new 
> comer for that first crash. I know this needs some deep thought, 
> certainly can be done but not simply.
> Anyway, good luck Chris, I will monitor the 
> http://chris1.redirectme.net/phpBB and I will pose the discussion 
> question shortly.

I hope you can figure out how to post your newbie question Herb.  After 
I logged in the system told me I couldn't view the Newbie section 
without entering its password, showed a default password in the box but 
insisted it was the wrong password when I clicked to login.  I had no 
trouble getting into any other section.  What's up with that Chris?

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