[SATLUG] new idea

Luis Garza luis at luisgarza.com
Sun Apr 13 14:22:24 CDT 2008

Chris Lemire wrote:
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> Would anyone be interested in me creating a phpBB3 web forum for
> SATLUG? I do have a properly configured and working web forum here. I
> could add a section entirely for SATLUG or create another.
> http://chris1.redirectme.net/phpBB though if I were to get lots of
> traffic, I would need more bandwidth than my Fiber Optics FIOS
> connection out here in Bulverde. Right now I am running Fedora 8
> x86_64 3 partitions in Raid 1, / /home and swap. I have a good reason
> for putting swap in Raid 1. That's explained on tldp.org. Putting swap
> in Raid 0 is a bad idea. Instead give swap partitions the same
> priority. I have a LAMP setup including MySQL. If people like this
> idea, and I get more traffic, then I believe it should be put on the
> SATLUG server, and I could manage it again with a user account on the
> server. Who is interested?
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> Christopher Lemire
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Last year I proposed the idea of redoing our website.
I had presented the following SATLUG demo:  http://luisgarza.com/satlug

Check it out.

If you'all like it, bring it up on the next meeting.

Luis Garza
SATLUG Vice-President

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