[SATLUG] Printer repair

Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Mon Apr 14 14:26:52 CDT 2008

John Choate wrote:
> On Monday 14 April 2008 11:44:41 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> I'm looking for a recommendation for getting a printer repaired.
>> It is an HP Business Inkjet 2250.  It is a few years old and was relatively
>> expensive.  I have new ink cartridges in and have tried the print head
>> cleaning, but I can only get black and a couple of streaks of blue and on
>> the printer test page.  The is no magenta or yellow at all.  I figure
>> something is blocking the lines that deliver the color because I don't
>> print that much color.
>> Does anyone have good results with a printer repair facility in town?
>>    -- Bruce
> Sometimes the best way to fix them is to run the clean utility over and over 
> and over until they print properly. I seriously mean run the clean twenty, 
> thirty, forty times if necessary... keep using the same paper over and over 
> for the test prints so you don't waste paper. They will usually eventually 
> unclog and start printing in all colors.
> Since these are new cartridges and you are having this trouble, the print head 
> must not be built into the cartridge (I'm not familiar with the model), else 
> the print head would be clean and new with each new cartridge. So the 
> agonizing task of running the clean utility many, many times might be worth 
> saving the cost of having a shop do it.
> If forty cleanings do not clear the print head, then a repair shop is the only 
> other option.

As far as I can remember, changing the print heads in that model is a 
relatively straightforward matter.  It's been a few years since I had to 
dig into one.  No need for a tech to actually look at the thing.  I have 
calls in to a couple of our vendors to see if we can get them in, and at 
what prices.  I would recommend against running the cleaning procedure 
over and over.  That will waste a lot of ink which will just end up 
filling the waste ink pad much quicker than necessary.  You can also 
order the print heads directly from HP, ($33.99 each).

Part Numbers:
C4810A - Black
C4811A - Cyan
C4812A - Magenta
C4813A - Yellow

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