[SATLUG] Printer repair

Mike Nerone mike at nerone.org
Mon Apr 14 14:47:30 CDT 2008

John Choate wrote:
> On Monday 14 April 2008 11:44:41 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> I'm looking for a recommendation for getting a printer repaired.
>> It is an HP Business Inkjet 2250.  It is a few years old and was relatively
>> expensive.  I have new ink cartridges in and have tried the print head
>> cleaning, but I can only get black and a couple of streaks of blue and on
>> the printer test page.  The is no magenta or yellow at all.  I figure
>> something is blocking the lines that deliver the color because I don't
>> print that much color.
>> Does anyone have good results with a printer repair facility in town?
>>    -- Bruce
> Sometimes the best way to fix them is to run the clean utility over and over 
> and over until they print properly. I seriously mean run the clean twenty, 
> thirty, forty times if necessary... keep using the same paper over and over 
> for the test prints so you don't waste paper. They will usually eventually 
> unclog and start printing in all colors.
> Since these are new cartridges and you are having this trouble, the print head 
> must not be built into the cartridge (I'm not familiar with the model), else 
> the print head would be clean and new with each new cartridge. So the 
> agonizing task of running the clean utility many, many times might be worth 
> saving the cost of having a shop do it.
> If forty cleanings do not clear the print head, then a repair shop is the only 
> other option.
Actually, there are other possibilities, depending on how daring you 
want to be. They mostly involve the use of alcohol (isopropyl as a 
solvent - not ethyl to make you feel better about the situation). 
Techniques range from liberal manual cleaning with cotton swabs to 
actually filling ink cartridges with alcohol to run it through all the 
tubes and such. Rather than a specific link, here's a Google search that 
brings up some good possibilities:


Mike Nerone

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