[SATLUG] May 10 Computer Show

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 14:52:09 CDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> Are we still doing graphics manipulation under Linux for the May 10 PC
>> Show?  If so, I'm back on line to bring camera, laptop and printer for
>> "instant photographs." (Conflicting events got moved...).
>> Will likely need assistance from someone competent in GIMP, F-Spot,
>> Lphoto (all of these already resident on my system) or other image
>> manipulation software who'd be willing to teach me some tips while
>> wowing our visitors.  Can do?
> Have you updated to gimp 2.4 yet?
>   -- Bruce
Yup!  Updated to GIMP 2.4.2. 



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