[SATLUG] May 10 Computer Show, AND Future meeting

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 14:56:09 CDT 2008

Nathan wrote:
> --- horned0wl93 at gmail.com wrote:
> Are we still doing graphics manipulation under Linux for the May 10 PC
> Show?  If so, I'm back on line to bring camera, laptop and printer for
> "instant photographs." (Conflicting events got moved...). 
> Will likely need assistance from someone competent in GIMP, F-Spot,
> Lphoto (all of these already resident on my system) or other image
> manipulation software who'd be willing to teach me some tips while
> wowing our visitors.  Can do?
> ------------
> Computer Show:
> Yes we still plan on doing graphics at the next show.  I would like to know who plans on being there and what package you plan to show.  I will try and remember to bring my printer if anyone feels there is a need to show printed output.  I will have a couple of simple packages, one for LEGO fans called LeoCAD [http://www.leocad.org/index.htm] as well as the OpenOffice SDraw.
We'll likely need more space than last time if two us us bring printers,
but, the more the merrier.
> Future meeting:
> At the last meeting we talked about having a meeting where we decide some time before to create a simple program, say a Card File, in as many different program languages as possible.  Each person, or small group would take a different language, script or compiler, and bring in the 'finished product' to compare.  We could look at speed, size, and interface to see the different ideas we have come up with.  Any one else have some input on this?
That's well outside my experience, but I'd sure like to see it.


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