[SATLUG] OT - 2.5" hard drive recommendations

Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Wed Apr 16 06:34:24 CDT 2008

Daniel J. Givens wrote:
> Keep in mind that most of the negative reviews you've seen are likely 
> biased because they've had drive failures. You aren't going to see 
> people going out of their way to sing the praises of the drives that 
> work day in and day out. It's like a good sys admin -- the staff 
> doesn't sing their praises when things are going well, but they'll 
> call the admin useless when their email doesn't work.

Kinda like being on a train...

*I'm not allowed to run the train,

The whistle I can't blow.

I'm not the one who designates
How far the train will go.

I'm not allowed to blow the steam,
Or even ring the bell.

But let the damn thing jump the track
And see who catches hell.*

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