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Thu Apr 17 23:20:42 CDT 2008

What I have noticed on this is if you don't umount the card, the changes don't get written.  If you can't umount the drive, try to "eject" the card from the desktop (if it shows up there) and that made a difference for me.


---- herb cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote: 
> Wayne Walker wrote:
> > mkdir foo
> > touch foo/bar
> > chmod 555 foo
> > rm foo/bar
> >
> > On Sun, Apr 06, 2008 at 12:47:41AM -0500, John Pappas wrote:
> >   
> >> Hey All,
> >>
> >> I have run into an odd issue.  Is there a way a user could create
> >> files/directories that they then cannot delete?  Extended ACLs are not
> >> enabled (AFAICT) and user.group are correct for said user, and permissions
> >> are 777.
> >>     
> >
> Hope you guys don't mind my posing my mystery into your dialog. I would 
> love to understand the above Command syntax, I really don't see what you 
> did, I am gonna try tho.
> My mystery is on a 1 gig SanDisk Flash card, (formated fat-16) I created 
> a folder from a Ubuntu 8.10 and wound up with a frozen card. It refuses 
> to delete any files at all on the disk giving various error messages 
> when I answer the dialog asking if I want to *empty the trash* either 
> way I answer it refuses to dump and to dismount and if I pull power and 
> reattach the reader the card is unchanged. I can access the files and 
> move them, delete them and it all works fine but no way to unmount the 
> drive and the card is restored somehow. Since I did successfully 
> transfer all the 100mbs off to the HD I tried to format the card both on 
> the puter and on the camera that uses the Fat-16 for .jpg.  After that 
> the card no longer worked in the Camera but still reads same frozen 
> picture. I have not had a response from SD tech.
> I just wondered if this was related? If not I apologise.
> herb
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