[SATLUG] Remote Desktop for Linux

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Apr 24 18:07:39 CDT 2008

Ernest De Leon wrote:

I honestly knew about VNC, but had dismissed it, when I read this review:

    VNC in linux is very slow and can be a major pain in the but to
    setup and run. Pretty much every linux distro out there has either a
    FreeNX packaage or has ditro’ed www.nomachine.com
    <http://www.nomachine.com> ’s now free NX server.

    It runs fast, can be set to use only ssh for both the port it needs
    and to do full encryption.

    VNC on linux is a square peg for a round hole.

So, if FreeNX any better than VNC?

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