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Luis Garza luis at luisgarza.com
Thu Apr 24 18:24:44 CDT 2008

VNC viewers are a good program but you need to be aware that some can be

UltraVNC 1.0.1 Client Buffer Overflow

Programs such as Metasploit can take advantage of this exploit to crash the
UltraVNC seems to have corrected the problem with version 1.0.2 but I have
heard that other (older versions) vnc servers have exploits too.  Check the
bug list and the Metasploit exploit database.

If you have a vnc server running, I would not advertised it.


Luis Garza
luis at luisgarza.com

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Ernest De Leon wrote:

I honestly knew about VNC, but had dismissed it, when I read this review:

    VNC in linux is very slow and can be a major pain in the but to
    setup and run. Pretty much every linux distro out there has either a
    FreeNX packaage or has ditro'ed www.nomachine.com
    <http://www.nomachine.com> 's now free NX server.

    It runs fast, can be set to use only ssh for both the port it needs
    and to do full encryption.

    VNC on linux is a square peg for a round hole.

So, if FreeNX any better than VNC?

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