[SATLUG] Remote Desktop for Linux

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Thu Apr 24 19:37:19 CDT 2008

> > So, if FreeNX any better than VNC?
> By leaps and bounds. Why anyone continues to use VNC baffles me. I'm a 
> huge fan. Huge!

I never heard of FreeNX, but your comment makes me think this is too good
to be true.  I am using VNC as a collaboration tool, but have issues when
multiple clients tend to make it lock up and often require a restart. In
VNC, I have the following features which I absolutely require:

1. arbitrary resolution and screen size
2. choice of 8/16/24 bit color
3. multiple clients can connect to one server
4. readonly or read/write connectivity is possible (based on password)
5. OpenGL support
6. suspend/restart session
7. ssl or ssh transport (not available in the free server unless you tunnel through ssh)
8. speed (VNC seems very fast to me)
9. clients can connect to a URL using a java enabled browser
10. scalability to many clients
11. automatically drop unresponsive clients
12. client support for Windows, Mac and unix.

The website faq didn't go into most of these questions, but maybe you can
confirm that FreeNX can handle these features before I waste my time playing
with it?


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