[SATLUG] 10 Linux Commands You Probably Don't Use

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 23:37:48 CDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> ed wrote:
>> Luis Garza wrote:
>>> Yes,  I use them too with :
>>> cd -
>>> mkdir -p vi - shift ZZ
>>> !! and !s are shell built-ins
>> ==================
>>> So how about these:
>>> set -x
>>> set  - - -
>>> line
>>> while read
>>> [ ]
>> Ok...  Since I'm still learning the command line, can you please
>> define/interpret these commands?  Thanx!
> You can look up cd and mkdir in the man pages (`man <some name>`).  To
> look for something where you are not sure, use `apropos <something>`.
I'm already using some of the basic commands - cd, mkdir, mkdir -p,
make, rm <file>, rmdir, !!, ^, exit, clear, CTRL+D, and several others. 
I've also discovered that I can do more in a / terminal than in a /ed
terminal, and so on.  I'm curious though, how to login to Ubuntu as /
with gui access.  Any help there?  (Sometimes, man is very helpful.
Other times, its either a slog, or woefully inadequate to th task I'm
pursuing...)  I need to make some symbolic links disappear which show up
in the gui, but not, apparently, in the cli...
> vi is a very powerful text editor, there are whole books written on
> it.  ZZ (not zz) is the same as :wq or :x as they save the file and exit.
> for !! and !s, try `man history`
> The others are for shells (usually bash) (also  look at `man line`),
> usually in scripts.  Again, there are whole books on writing shell
> scripts.  The man page for bash is reasonably complete, but cryptic
> for new users and very long.
As I've noticed/noted, but I'm still trying...  :)


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